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Thread: Broadband Speed

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    Broadband Speed

    I recently received a new pc modem from my internet cable provider and after getting it all set up I decided to see if the internet speed would do a little better than the 6 to 8 mbps on the download.

    Well I did that with one speed test and assumed there was a mistake.

    So I did it again and still got the same mistake, so I decided to try another speed test and got almost the same results and this time dam near got blown off of my chair.

    See the attachment.

    It is MUCH faster and I'm afraid to blink while surfing so that I won't miss something.

    Has this happened to any one else?

    I will definitely NOT call up the cable company and complain!

    Please reply.
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    Probably you have a firewall which seems to amuse itself by cacheing data, and a speed tester which looks for the fastest speed rather than an average.

    Kaspersky Internet Security is one of the former, and one of the latter.
    With this combination I occasionally was shown as enjoying a download speed of over 48 Mbps - on my 10 Mbps cable line.

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