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    Smart Keep Alive

    This morning my modem internet light turned red and after many attempts with AT&T support they determined my modem was operating at 60%. They did something and now all is back to normal, I hope. They changed my connection from "connect on demand" to "smart keep alive." This is the first time in 7 years since I started with AT&T that this change was done. Is this a good thing to have done? Also, the LAN share settings was changed to "yes" as well. They said to turn off my modem every night after I am done for the day which I have not been doing since there is not an on/off switch, so I need to unplug. I used to turn it off on an old modem but have been leaving it on on my current modem. Thanks for the help.

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    Dial on demand means the modem only connects when your computer wants to access something not on your network - this happens all the time when
    Windows is running. Keep alive has the modem send data to the ISP regularly, just to say "I am still here, please don't disconnect me".
    Turning the modem off saves the ISP some traffic. It has no advantage for you apart from using less electricity.
    I assume you have a router on your network. This isolates your network and keeps prying eyes away from your PC.

    cheers, Paul

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