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    copy contents of cell c3 to empty cells in same row throughout spreadsheet

    I have an exported address csv file where sometimes there is a blank for the first name or last name and an entry for the company name. if first name say is cell a1 and last name is say cell b1 and company name say is cell c1 is there a way to automacially copy contents of cell c1 to cell a1, if a1 is empty and /or cell b1 if b1 is empty so I can then import it into new address software in better shape?? And same for row 2: c2 to a2 and / or b2 and so on
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    There is no automatic way but a couple of formula and a copy/paste will sort it.

    1. Find two blank columns at the end of your data, say M and N.
    2. In M1 enter this formula: =IF(TRIM(A1)&(TRIM(B1))="","",IF(TRIM(A1)="","",A1 ))
    3. In N1 enter this formula: =IF(TRIM(A1)&(TRIM(B1))="",C1,IF(TRIM(B1)="","",B1 ))
    4. Now copy the data in columns M and N and Paste Special > Values into column A.
    This puts the company name in the last name cell if there are no other values.

    cheers, Paul

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