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    Question Windows Server 2008R2 sidebar?

    I have done a clean, new install of Windows Server 2008R2 on a brand new machine. Have installed all patches to date. I would like to have the sidebar and gadgets as I do in Windows 7. Have scoured the Internet for how-to and found Yung's recipe in the Technet blogs, followed it to the letter, copying the sidebar folder, executable, and dll's from my Win 7 64-bit installation on another machine and doing the registrations and Registry updates. When I try to install a gadget, I get an error dialog pop-up with the highly enlightening (not!) "unspecified error" message.

    The only roles I have added so far are file services and DNS server. The features I've added are Group Policy Management (useless at present since it's not yet a domain controller), Desktop Experience, Ink and Handwriting Services (brought in as part of Desktop Experience), Remote Server Admin Tools, and Windows Server Backup Features.

    Does anyone have the "key" that will unlock the sidebar for me? TIA.

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    You can put the sidebar on your server, but you shouldn't for various reasons, including Security.

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