I understand that it is not possible to 'share' the To-Do' list in the same way as calendars or even tasks, but I have a scenario with some colleagues that seems so obvious that there must be a workaround or solution I have not thought about.

We have a manager who has 3 PAs. Each PA has full rights to the Manager's folders so can access e-mail, calendar, tasks etc. The manager has started using Flags to act as reminders for incoming and outgoing mail. He also periodically creates new tasks. The manager is able to see his tasks and To-do items in one list in his Tasks, so he is using his task list to see all actions that he has, to be completed either by himself or his PAs. But the PAs can only see the tasks part of that list.

Is there a solution whereby the PAs would be able to see the same list of tasks/To-Do items as the manager?

Thanks, Laurie