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    Lightbulb Windows Live Mesh feature / video superbug

    Windows Live Mesh is a useful tool for remotely supporting someone on their PC, among other uses. But it has a very neat 'feature' - aka really bad bug.

    Imagine you've installed WLM on a PC. All is working well, but one day you buy a new monitor with higher resolution. You install the right drivers, all is working well. Then you reboot. Around the time you login, all of a sudden your screen resets to the resolution of your old monitor. You reinstall the drivers for the monitor and the display adapter. You go crazy trying to figure out what happened. You've changed the resolution back to where it should be, then you reboot again, and once again, sometime after logging in, maybe seconds, maybe a couple minutes, the screen resets back to the old lower resolution.

    You check the event log to see if somethng during startup and login went wrong. You contact the maker of the mobo, display card and monitor. Still nothing.

    The cause? It seems that when you install WLM it notes at that time the resolution of your display - and saves it in a well hidden spot in the registry. All you actually need to do to fix the problem is delete a couple registry keys. Microsoft never documented this cute feature, but someone else finally figured it out and posted the fix under

    You need to delete the keys under HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Live Mesh\Remote Desktop.

    reg delete "HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Live Mesh\Remote Desktop" /va
    (can be run from a command prompt that is priveleged)

    The thread is at

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    Thanks for posting about it. It may be of use to other members.

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