IN the process of transferring to a new computer (now WIndows 7), my Outlook 2010 is hopelessly bungled. It gets messages sent from Gmail, and it looks as if Pop and Imap are both enabled. I have 2 profiles, apparently, and surplus calendars and contacts.

There are many of these messages that I do want to keep, current and archived, sorted into folders (this is why I use OUtlook instead of keeping everything in Gmail, whose interface I dislike). So how should I go about getting rid of this mess and getting these messages and the calendar & contacts in order? I don't mind spending time searching and sorting the message to keep/discard as long as I end up with an organized, functional system.

(THe real question is, why can't Microsoft create a program less convoluted? I've tried Thunderbird and others, but none does what I want. Among other things, I get a daily digest of messages from a newsletter, but only Outlook will let me view the message - the others wnt me to save it, which I don't want to do).