Office 2002 Professional SP 3
Win 7 Professional
Word 2002 runtime issue
Office 2007 integration library installed (read only)
Adobe Acrobat 9 Professional

I have subscribed to Windows Secrets for many years. Have gotten lots-o-tips in that time. Well now I am in need of some help with a recent problem.

I have used Word XP (2002) for many years. It works fine, so I have never upgraded. Who needs more bloated apps?

Recently I suspect that an MS update or as some have said, an Adobe Acrobat update has slimed my When I called MS Support, I learned they no longer support 2002, even on a fee basis. But I digress...

The following issue only takes place when I start Word. I receive a runtime error. "This error has caused Word to terminate in an unusual way..." The path to Winword.exe is also listed. I can start Word with the \a or in Safe Mode. Here are the items I have tried.

1. Looked for COM add-ins in CURRENT USER under Office/Word. Removed them with no change. (they did not seem to apply anyway)

2. Removed my file from C:\Users\Paul Christensen\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates\. However, I cannot make Word re-create the file. I suspect the app cannot re-create the file, because it is not really starting in the traditional way. I know this because after starting with \a, I can modify the toolbars, but the changes are not being saved on exit.

So I am stuck for now. I would rather not upgrade to 2007 (could purchase the software from a 3rd party source, who knows what hassles I will have with MS getting 2007 verified). And I definitely would like to avoid Office 2010. I have downloaded and installed Open Office. If I cannot solve this issue, I guess I will be forced to migrate to that app.

The weird thing is that to an extent money is not the object here... I need stability and simplicity. I can upgrade to anything, if I believe it will be reliable and hassle free.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated... Paul...