With IE-9 and Win-Vista, when I view the eBooks at the public library the screen does not allow me to select a book. The librarian says that her screen at home with IE-9 and Vista shows a very different view and it does allow eBooks to be selected! Any idea what might be wrong?

When I view these eBooks on my Acer Iconia A500 tablet each book has a couple of button images on the right edge of the screen which can be clicked to move a book to my Cart or put a Hold on an unavailable book so I can get it when it becomes available. If the book is actually an audio book (which can be listened to on the laptop) rather than a Kindle or Adobe EPUB book then I see the same kind of button image on my laptop. However, the librarian has looked at my laptop and says her PC at home (Vista) and at the library (Win 7) do not show button images but instead they show underlined links for those functions. It sounds like the library software thinks my laptop is a tablet and since it does not contain a Kindle reader or an EPUB reader from Overdrive it does not give me those choices. What could possibly cause it to think my laptop is a tablet?