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    Auto Number of Excel Purchase Order Form

    We have created an excel-based purchase order (PO) form for use in our company. I would like the form to automatically number itself (increase by one) each time an employee uses it--each PO requires a unique number. The form is located on the company's server, and the cell for the PO number is D11. I am not a skilled or advanced excel user and will require step by step instructions if someone is willing. I have enabled macros for this spreadsheet and I know how to get to the VBA screen, if that is what's required. Thank you!

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    Welcome to the Lounge as a new poster!

    I assume that your PO is a template?
    One way to accomplish the task would be via a macro that would be used to save the created document.
    The macro would check a text file or another workbook for the last number used if the PO field is currently blank.
    Then increment the number found there by one and update and save both the text file/workbook and the PO.
    If the PO field is not blank then it would just save the PO since a number had already been assinged this is an EDIT of an existing PO.

    Sorry I don't have time to bang out some sample code but I'm getting ready to hit the road and am short on time.
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