In order to debug a peculiar Word 97 mail-merge problem, where the first page of each set should come out on letterhead, and the remaining sheets on plain paper, I have been printing to file and examining this output with a file display program like LIST, in the usual way.

But horrors! The expected PCL commands that were generated for PCL 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 are now no longer present, and the text information for the letters in the mailmerge is interspersed by hexadecimal characters which are presumably their equivalent! So I cannot determine the tray settings, and thus cannot find where the problem lies.

I have searched entirely unsuccessfully for the PCL 6 equivalent of the "PCL 5 Technical Reference Manual", and wonder whether anyone has a source of information which would enable the translation of the hexadecimal codes for PCL 6 into "old" PCL commands. I appreciate that I could probably have asked this question years ago, when PCL 6 first came out, but the printers which can use PCL 6 are new to us! Thanks.