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    <br>Internet Explorer is openi (IE 5.5 SP1)

    Internet Explorer is opening DOC files in the IE Temp Directory and
    returning an empty document object to MS Word causing a '5981 runtime error 'No Macro Storage'
    error. This would impede MS Word from completing basic tasks such as
    printing and embedded-macros execution.

    What is causing IE to Open Word without full functionality or recognizing the Document Object?

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    Re: Internet Explorer is openi (IE 5.5 SP1)

    Do you want documents to appear in the browser or open in Word? If the browser, it is set up correctly, but the document seems to require a template or DLL that it can't find. If you want to view them in Word, this is controlled by the File Types setting for .DOC files in Windows Explorer. Clear the checkbox for browsing in the same window. (This is a Windows 2000 dialog, but Windows 9x is similar.)
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    Re: Internet Explorer is openi (IE 5.5 SP1)

    I want the file to open in word. We are not using roaming profiles but if I log into a machine with a new user the machine creates a new profile for the user and the problem seem to disappear.

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    Re: Internet Explorer is openi (IE 5.5 SP1)

    We're getting a similar problem here. When certain users click on links to Word or Excel documents, a blank document opens up. When other users click on the same documents, they see the contents of the document.

    It seems to have something to do with who they're logged in as -- on the same machine, one person can log in, click on a link to a Word doc & see nothing, but a different person can log in, click on the same link & get the contents of the document.

    Any suggestions?


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