I appreciate Fred Langa's article about Chrome bloating in Issue 337 dated 2012-05-03. Chrome has been freezing my entire computer recently after working great for quite some time, but the bloating issue is also troublesome.

In addition to going to chrome://plugins/ in Chrome for plugins, also type in:


You'll find your extensions on that page where you can disable, uninstall.

I also found that Windows Task Manager shows so many individual chrome-related .exe files. Turns out the extensions are shown separately. Just FYI.

After reading Fred's article this morning, I reviewed my Chrome plugins AND extensions, disabled a bunch of extensions that I know I'm not using for starters, and one or two plugins. Restarted Chrome and hopefully that in itself will resolve my problems... but I'll need to see how it goes over the next day or so.

I hope the above info is helpful, too. Thanks again!