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    Palm Vx v's M125?

    I'm about to replace my lost IIIe and can't decide between the Vx & M125.
    Current thought is the bigger Vx screen and smaller size is more important than the expansion slot in the M125.
    Is the upgradable flash rom in the Vx a big deal?
    Can I upgrade the Vx to use OS4? (Is there any point in doing this?)
    Anybody able to give me some strong arguments either way?

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    Re: Palm Vx v's M125?

    The display has always been the worst thing about the Vx. Its size and weight were the best things about it. I got an M505 when they came out because I just couldn't read my Vx any more and I wanted something approximately the same size and weight.

    You can't upgrade the Vx to use OS4, but there is an OS4.1 in the works that is supposed to work with earlier models. It should be out in a month or so, and would be a huge improvement over the 3.x currently available.

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