This one just in courtesy of CNN: <A target="_blank" HREF=>Microsoft admits major 'Passport' flaw</A>. <img src=/S/meltdown.gif border=0 alt=meltdown width=15 height=15>

My own editorial <img src=/S/2cents.gif border=0 alt=2cents width=15 height=15>: From what I've read, XP is a little persistant in prompting users to register for a Passport, requiring up to five "rejections" before it will cease, and then only with what could be called "dire warnings" about the disadvantages of not signing up for one. I have considerable sympathy for new XP-PC users who are naive enough to believe all of Microsoft's self-important self-promotions and then fall victim to this sort of fiasco. I still "trust" Microsoft sites, just not their products. Microsoft's only saving grace is that they don't charge extra for the patches to fix their shoddy code (other than the value of my time spent in watching for these problems, and then downloading and implementing their fixes).

Right now, I'm expecting that my next PC purchase will be a Mac.