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    Roaming Profiles & Outlook

    Have recently installed Win2k Server as a PDC, with Win2kPro clients and roaming profiles.
    Profiles themselves are running smoothly. I have a problem with Outlook 2K, or possibly elsewhere.

    What actually happens is that if a user logs in to one machine mailing works fine. If the user later logs on to another machine some of their mail does not appear in their Inbox.

    When they return to the 'original' machine the story is repeated. A temporary measure has been to encourage logging onto the same machine.

    Which of course defeats the purpose of setting up Roaming.

    Even more confusing is the fact that some mail they have already sent to others also appears in their inbox.

    Is there a way of centralising the Inbox in the same way as Home directories and Profile locations.

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    Re: Roaming Profiles & Outlook

    Check your Tools-->Services-->Delivery options. It sounds like mail is being delivered to a local .pst file rather than your exchange server. (And if you are NOT using exchange, you should have mail delivered to a centralized .pst file rather than a local file.)

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