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Thread: Need more USB ?

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    Need more USB ?

    Hello all,
    "Kinda" found this by accident, but i thought to pass this along... I found myself needing more USB2 ports and was going to go the external powered hub route... Having just switched cases and remembered that i saw something on my motherboard that made me think ( unusual occurrence) There was a unused USB 2 header on the motherboard. So i thought to give it a "look see" and try something... Found this Link explaining the connections and offered a 2 port USB Plate adapter...It worked ...

    Bottom line: if you need more USB ports ..have a look at your motherboard there may be some that are already there ...just not used. Regards Fred

    PS: The connector is made by ""... if you want to explore other options
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    Neat Fred. My Motherboard came packaged with that plate adapter so I connected it when I built my PC. I just assumed all motherboards came that way.

    Sounds like you solved your problem but If I found the need for more USB ports, I would look into USB 3 adapters.


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    USB-3 is a lot like SATA III. It's out there, alive and well, but has not become mainstream yet.

    Needing some more USB ports myself, I dug around in my junk stores and came up with five (5) USB/PCI expansion cards. The one I finally settled on was a five port model with a VIA chipset on it. Finding the drivers for it was a bit tricky, but after doing that, the little card is working like a champ.
    I plugged a 16 gig SanDisk flash drive into one of the ports and I'm using that as a permanent data backup drive. That leaves me four more ports, for 'Whatever'.
    Plus I have three on the front panel, plugged into those motherboard USB headers and one more on my Epson Workforce 500 printer.

    Both a new XP-Pro install and a new Windows 8/CP install, picked up that VIA card with no problem.

    So that's just one more option.

    Good Luck,
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