I have a desktop system running Win 2k which has a HP LaserJet 6P attached via a USB port. This works fine. I have just bought a Dell Inspiron 8000 Laptop for my wife and, because of some software that came with her sewing machine, she must run Win 98 or ME. The laptop came with ME installed. I would like for her to be able to use the LJ6P by unplugging it from the USB hub on the desktop and plugging it into a USB port on the laptop. When I plug the LJ6P into the laptop USB port, it recognizes that a device was plugged in, but does not appear to recognize what the device is. It asks if I want it to search for a driver for the device, and if I say yes it searches but says it can't find a driver (even if I put the LJ6P driver CD into the CD drive which it does search). If I tell it to let me specify a driver location, and point it to the driver CD, it still says it can't find a driver for my device. If I tell it to show me a list of available driver and let me pick one, I can select a driver for the LJ6P, however, it then will only let me attach the printer to the LPT: or COMn: ports, no choice for USB. Can anyone tell me how to get ME to recognize the printer on the USB. I can install the printer on LPT, but then my wife will have to open up the LJ6 to unplug the USB cable and insert the parallel cable to connect the printer to her laptop, and this really should not be done with the power on on either computer.