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    Why doesn't Windows 7 multitasking always work smoothly?

    When Vista was introduced I remember that the ads bragged about smooth multitasking, saying that you could work on one task while doing second very intensive task such as burning a DVD. I never found that it worked so well. Now I have Windows 7 with 4 GB of RAM and still find similar problems. Certain processes, intensive reading and writing, such as *wiping* a large amount of data, or a security program's automatic scan of my hard drive, slow down other tasks considerably, even stopping altogether for10-20 seconds in the case of the security scan. (I think there may be other examples, although I can't recall them at the moment.) Isn't multitasking supposed to take care of sharing resources like this, making sure not to bring one task to its knees in favour of another, but rather just slowing them all down a little?

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    Rather depends on amount of ram , free space on your HDD. processor (for page file use) etc. Will probably need at least 8GB of ram to get anywhere near smooth multitasking which will mean 64 bit OS to be able to use that ram.

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    The real problem is your magnetic drive, which is so much slower than everything else. Add RAM to your system or get an SSD and you will see how smooth it gets. I guess the OS has some responsibility for it, but in the end it really depends on what you ask of your system.

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