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    Customize 'Junk Sender' Rule (O2K SP2)

    I'm having some problems with my Junk and Adult sender rules. Outlook is flagging genuine mail that I have subscribed to as 'junk', yet letting spam through pretty much unfettered. I have a number of senders in my "Exception List", but Outlook ignores this list and process the junk and adult rules unhindered.

    The "Assistance Center" hints that the filters that Outlook uses are customizeable, but the filters.txt file appears to list what is filtered and is not the actual filter control itself. How can this filter be tweaked to add or remove different keywords? (I find it silly that a message titled "FREE PORN" makes its way through the filter, but legitimate mailing lists are kicked to the Junk file.)

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    Re: Customize 'Junk Sender' Rule (O2K SP2)

    The Exception List is really only effective when you are receiving a volume of junk mail from just one source. You might find it more effective to create some rules that filter out mail based on text in the message or subject. This can be done through the Rules Wizard: (Tools, Rule Wizard) Once you have started creating a new rule, the first step is to specify when to apply it, in the second step it will ask what to check for, in your case subject or message text. The text "specific words" is a link, click on it and add the words you want to filter out. You also might want to just send the filtered mail to a junk folder, rather than delete it, while you are troubleshooting the rules.

    Also note: rules are applied in a order that you specify when you create the rule, and they can be applied to only a specific inbox.

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