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    Can't read DVD-ROM from a Mac

    I thought that DVD-ROMs and CD-ROMs used a standardized format, but no, I've had a couple that were written on a MAC and couldn't be read in Windows 7. I was able to transfer the files to a flashdrive on a Mac and then input them into Windows -- no problem, so the issue isn't with the files theselves. What is the formatting issue and how can it be addressed either when writing or when reading the disc? Is it that the disc msut be finalized, or that there is a special nonstandard format, or what?

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    I would have expected them to be standard too. Out of interest, I looked up some info and found that some earlier Mac's will only write HFS rather than a hybrid of HFS and ISO9660 (the hybrid format enabling cross platform working).

    Here's the link to the Apple support article. About half way down the page, it mentions that under Mac OSX 10.2.8 or earlier, DVD-ROM's are burned only in HFS. In 10.3 and later they are burned in the hybrid format. OSX 10.2.8 is of course rather an old version, so it may not be the cause of your issue. However, it might be the cause, if the the DVD can be read on the MAC, but not the PC, and your MAC is getting on a bit.
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