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Thread: Clean boot.

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    Clean boot.

    Hello ruirib.

    From another site :

    >>> I am unsure what you are talking about. You might be thinking of someone else here. Is this what you are talking about:

    Yes this is it. Maybe it was Joe517 who mentioned this clean boot. Anyway, after selecting them all to "Hide", they spring back up to set after a reboot, there is then no way to have a clean boot. Maybe it was ruirib that also mentioned this for a fast, at least a quicker boot. I will go to the Win-7 site and question him.

    I could not find the place where this was mentioned so I started a new post. Can you tell me how to "Hide all MS Services" and prevent them from being reset after a required reboot ?

    How is Spring in Portugal ? JP.

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    JP, checking the hide box in the services tab in MSConfig does not disable them. It just hides the Microsoft services so you can see all the third party installed services. To disable a service in MSConfig, you have to clear the checkbox next to it. To do a clean boot see the instructions at:

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