Hi Charlotte,

I posted a question in October regarding creating a field in access that
would show the last date updated. I was referred to your reply below from
April 10, 2001:

If you want to datestamp a record in a form to track its last updated
date, use the beforeupdate event of the form to set the control's value to the Date()
function. Then if the update is cancelled, the datestamp will be rolled back as well. You
can do it with a bit of code like this, where txtLastUpdated is the name of the control bound
to your [LastUpdate] field:

If IsNull([txtLastUpdated]) Or _
[txtLastUpdated] < Date Then
[txtLastUpdated] = Date
End If '[txtLastUpdated] < Date

Fields in tables should only be modified through a form if you want to
track a last updated value (actually they should only be updated in a form anyhow if you value
data integrity). The form only knows about events that happen when it is open. It doesn't
have any way to handle things that occur in the table itself.

I am kind of confused. Could you walk me through this step by step? I
created a field in a form called "Last Updated." I have also gone into
properties and changed the "BeforeUpdate" event to "Event Procedure" and
created a Visual Basic procedure with the information you have above. I
guess my question is how do I populate data or the modified date in the
field I created? Nothing shows up when I view the form.

Thanks in advance for your help,
Sophia Allen