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    Changing Form Field Information (2000-SR1)

    Our office has 100's of master specification sections, each their own separate document. When creating each of these documents, a template was used which asked the spec section title and section number. The document would open up with title and number on top of first page and in both odd/even footers. Each section is also set up with outline numbering whereas "Part 1" should be the first level on each section.

    We are now at a point where some documents (entire specification with 25+ sections) must be converted to pdf files with all sections save as one document. The problem is that when the sections are brought all together, the first page title/section number and footers are all wrong. The outline numbering also doesn't restart over for each section.

    Is there an easy way to redo each of these sections without having to open each section and manually type in the section title and number again?

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Re: Changing Form Field Information (2000-SR1)

    There have been a number of discussions on this board about joining documents together and preserving their headers/footers by inserting them into different sections. I didn't follow those discussions closely, but it sounded feasible if arduous. As a fallback, could you stitch the 25 individual PDF files together in Acrobat? That might turn out to be faster if it works for your numbering needs.

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