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    How to repeat two music clips

    Hi All,

    I'll admit up front that my music/multimedia knowledge is very limited.

    What I'm trying to do is take 2 songs, take clips out of them, and play them repeatedly.

    What I've done so far towards the goal:
    - ripped the 2 tracks from the respective CDs
    - used Windows Media File Editor to create the clips from each track (I'm guessing there may be better tools but did I mention my tools are very limited too?)

    I'd like to do next is create one clip of the 2 smaller clips but this is not critical.

    Regardless of whether I have 1 clip or 2, I'd like to play the first (or only) clip, then the second, and then repeat until I do whatever to shut it off. This should be on autopilot - no or minimal clicking.

    I've had no success in creating 1 clip but, as I said, that's not critical.

    For repeating, I've tried 2 things:
    - creating a playlist in Windows Media Player (worked ok) but I see no way to repeat the playlist
    - creating a Powerpoint presentation with Inserting each clip (worked OK). Even though I tried playing with timings for advancing slides (both clips could be on 1 slide but that didn't seem to help) and looping the presentation, I couldn't get what I wanted. Problem is that I still have to click each sound object.

    Any ideas?



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    You can use Audacity (free) to easily combine the two clips into one file: I personally don't care for Media Player. I use Media Monkey, which has a looping/repeat play back function. But I'd be very surprised if Media Player couldn't loop also.

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