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    Saving a Word file in HTML format - resized images are saved as jpgs

    When Word saves a file in HTML format, all images that were reduced in size in Word are saved as jpgs. This results in a image quality reduction when importing to RH. Why does Word do this and is there anyway to prevent it?

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    Size your images in a photo editing program as needed. Then import them into Word. This may do it. Give it a try.

    Word's photo editor has improved over the years but is still very rudimentary. This is not the product you want for producing web pages.

    Note: Word is not a good web page designer. If you seriously want to put together web pages I would look for different software. You can build a bookshelf using scrap lumber and a staple gun; but if you want it to hold books you would be better off using quality lumber and nails or screws. Web pages created using Word have a lot of surplus html code and are difficult to edit at the html level. Word is designed to do a good job of putting words (and to some extent graphics) on paper.
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