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    how to limit the size of a file download on a wirelss network

    Hiya All,

    Am looking for software or even a firmware mod for a router that will allow us to limit the download size of files for users connected to our wireless public (hotspot?) network.

    I have looked on Google but they all seem to (as i understand it) limit the download speed using QOS, what i want is something that will allow full speed access but prevent them from downloading huge movie files.

    I have looked at DD-WRT which seems to be the favorite but its a bit confusing in what it can actually do and i and other ppl cant seem to find a definitive answer on whether the paid or free version can limit file download size. (Posts to their forum by me and others dont provide a reply / solution)

    any brilliant idea's ?


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    Here's an explanation of what DD-WRT does in case that helps:

    But you should be able to achieve your goal with Squid:

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