I'm working on a project for my father-in-law, who is a pastor of a small church. He has a long list of prayer requests, sorted into 8 categories. He wants a list of the active requests inserted into his church bulletin, so that each week when he creates the new bulletin, the updated request list is already there.

I am hoping to set this up through a combination of an Access database and a Word mail merge. I've set up the database, entered a representative sample of requests in each of the 8 categories, and put together a form for him to use for entering new requests, updating existing ones, etc. I also set up a query that pulls just the active requests. (For now, at least, I have it filtering for requests that have an "End Date" after today in the table. That may change later, based on my father-in-law's instructions.)

So now I'm ready to actually create the mail merge. I'm up to 50 tries now, but I still can't get it to do what I want. I can get closest to the desired results by using a Directory setting, but it's still not quite right. Additionally, using the Directory setting would require extra steps on his part this week (merging to a new document, copying that and pasting it into the bulletin file, etc). I would prefer to code it all into the original document rather than to use a Directory set-up where you have to merge to new doc to get the results; I need it to be as user-friendly and uncomplicated as possible! (He lives 6 hours away, so if things aren't working right that leads to 2-hour "tech support" phone calls which I really want to avoid!)

Here is what I need:
--8 sections with descriptive headers (for each of the 8 prayer request categories)
--(The names need to be something other than the "Type" code from the database. Since I'm using a look-up in the database, pulling the type from a second table, the official "Type" code that's pulling in is just a number--1-8--rather than the actual Type name, such as "Christian Sympathy".)
--Within each section, the names of the people listed as having those types of prayer requests
--Before each name, a cross icon (easy to add through Symbols, though I can't always get it to show up for each record when merging)
--Each section set up as a paragraph, with each cross and name immediately following the prior name (that is, no forced line breaks)
--A line break after each section, before the next section

Any suggestions on how I can make this work? Thank you for any help you can provide!!