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    Two ISPs in one home network

    My home network is set up with all Win7 PCs with router. The internet connection is ATT DSL. It worked very well.

    Recently, there is a very loud noise in ATT voice landline when the modem is on. Using the landline will bring down the modem. Five ATT truck rolls, including telephone and DSL technicians, could not fix the problem. As a temporary solution, I call forwarded the landline to VOIP (Google Voice) to avoid the interruption of internet connection when I need to answer the inbound landline voice calls.

    I am considering switching to cable internet. This will leave my ATT landline alone without the interference of DSL signal. Since I am running a home business, Stability of internet connection is the priority. I need to make sure the cable internet is stable before making the jump.

    I need only one PC to do the test on cable internet for 3 months. I prefer other PCs stay on the DSL. However, this testing PC needs to be able to access other PCs in the home network. How to achieve this goal?

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    Sounds like you don't have a filter installed if you can hear noise on the line. The filter is to remove the data content (high frequency) from the voice (low frequency).

    If you want to use a second internet connection you need to manually set the IP address of the new modem and then do the same for your test computer.
    Lets assume your network is using
    Your existing DSL modem will be the DHCP server, probably having an address of
    You need to set the new modem to use
    Now set the test PC to have an address of and a gateway of

    Post the IP settings of one of your existing PCs and I'll change the instructions to match.
    To obtain the IP settings run these commands:
    1. Start > Run
    2. cmd
    3. Click OK
    4. Type: ipconfig /all
    Now you can copy the details and post.

    cheers, Paul

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