Install steps: Do the steps in the exact order they are listed.

Sometimes I wish MS would not do a wholesale release of a beta like this. There are a ton of people downloading Win 8 RP and trying to load it into VMs or Dual Boots that have no idea what they are doing, and they are destroying their host or primary OS without creating an Image first.

For those of you contemplating trying this, PLEASE, read about Imaging FIRST!!!

That way WHEN, not IF but WHEN you screw up you will be able to restore prior to your next attempt. I know this is a learning process. But PLEASE take baby steps and the first step is to CREATE AN IMAGE!!!

Dual Boot:

Step1: Create an Image of your present OS!

Step 2: Read step 1 again. If you don't know how to create an Image start over!

Step 3: If you have kept your original OS and have dual booted Win 8 CP, go into your original OS and using Disk Manager, delete the Win 8 CP partition. You can use EasyBCD or msconfig.exe to change the MBR to eliminate the Win 8 CP entry.

Step4: Download the Win 8 RP iso file from an approved site! Write down the product key exactly as it appears. This is important. Do not download from a torrent site, you will be sorry later.

Step 5: Burn the Win 8 RP iso file to DVD using a slow burn speed (maximum 4X burn speed). Right Click on the iso file and choose Burn Disk Image. (This step will work in Win 7 or Win 8 CP. For another OS use a burning app such as ImgBurn)

Step 6: At some point you will choose CUSTOM INSTALL This is important because this is where you will choose the location to install Win 8 RP. You of course would choose to install directly over Win 8 CP. THERE IS NO UPGRADE PATH! By choosing Custom Install Win 8 CP will be deleted and the partition will be formatted. If you deleted your Win 8 CP partition in Step 3 you would choose to install in the unallocated space you will see .

Step 7: Do the install

Stand Alone HD:

For an install in a stand alone PC just insert the DVD and install directly into the only partition you see. The partition will be formatted as part of the installation.

OK, did I put enough emphasis on the importance of creating a disk Image BEFORE you start and backing up everything first. This includes creating this Image before you partition your hard drive to create the unallocated space where you will be storing Win 8 RP. Imagine your horror when something bad happens and you have to totally reinstall your original OS from scratch

Guess what. With my Up To Date Images, I can totally restore my HD in less than 10 minutes. Sounds good doesn't it!