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    Cool Everything Is Set to Read Only Attribute

    Within the last week I started having problems with non-Microsoft software. Some of the software refused to save output or settings changes. I finally determined that the files in question had the "Read Only" attribute set. The problem is Windows 7 will not allow me to reset to attribute to "off". I have spent two days searching for solutions both at Microsoft and the general Internet. Most point to using the administrator command window to use the old DOS command "attrib" to fix the problem. It appears to work, but when I check Properties of any folder or file the Read Only is still set.

    This is a major annoyance.

    I have done nothing except the normal MS updates.

    Does anyone have a suggestion to fix the problem?
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    One work around may be to add Take Ownership to the right click context menu and then take ownership of the files in question. I do not know if this will fix the original problem, but it may provide a work around until a solution is found.
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    In your screenshot it's because it's the Desktop which is also a folder. Folders are always "Read Only", but it doesn't actually mean anything.

    If you're seeing the "Read Only" attribute on a file, such as a jpg image or a Word document, then that's a different matter, but you haven't indicated that as such.

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