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    Files in SkyDrive Need Help

    I'm unable to play some videos on one of my SkyDrive accounts (secondary), but an able to play them on the other account (primary).

    I posted this over on the SkyDrive Forum
    "I have some music videos that are located on an external hard drive. I copied the videos to my primary SkyDrive account, and they play just fine. When I sign out of that account, and sign in to my secondary account however I am unable to play the same videos.
    I am presented with this message:
    We could not find any search results for "Skydrive id=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Sorry, for some reason we can't play this video."
    Anyone have any ideas?
    I have removed the id, because I don't want people that are unknown to my going through my files"

    And I got the following answer:
    "When I sign out of that account, and sign in to my secondary account "
    That's your problem right there.
    SkyDrive uploads files with a default access permission of 'just me,' so if you're trying to look at them with some other account, it's going to deny you access and tell you to jump off a pier with an error.
    If you want to allow your other account exclusive access to the files, share the folder out to yourself (your secondary account that is) in the 'share' section.
    As long as your folder isn't public, no one else can see it unless you specifically give them permissions.

    Here is my reply:
    "I read it and what you are saying makes absolutely no sense, for a few reasons:
    1: The files were uploaded from an external hard drive.
    2: I am able to play all music files that are on there, and that are on the primary
    3: I am able to open all documents that are on there as well as the primary.*
    * I just tried to open a pdf file, and it would not open, nor was there an option to download.
    4: All other videos that have been uploaded play just fine

    But, I decided to share the video file from the primary SkyDrive account to my secondary account, and well it made absolutely no difference. I got the same error message.
    Thanks John
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    Hi John,
    Do you have 2 separate Hotmail accounts or just 1 on 2 computers??
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    Are your files public or do you have the IDs linked?

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