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    Oddball Internet Explorer 8 problem - persistent information bar

    I have an odd problem with IE 8 that Loungers may find enticing. I'm running 2 similar desktop PCs on a KVM switch, both have Intel CPUs (i7 920 & i7 3770) Gigabyte mobos, Win XP Pro SP3 & IE 8 (latter are identical versions). Both use Google News as a home page and when the 3770 runs this, it shows an information bar with the message "This website wants to run Flash player. etc.; if you trust it, click". This also shows on most other sites selected from the home page. The 920 system does not show an information bar anywhere when News is run. BTW, neither system has Macromedia Flash installed on it.

    Both systems have identical browser Advanced settings and the same Security settings (Internet, medium-high). All of the Custom settings are identical except the 920 has permissions for "Java VM" set to "High safety" this Java parameter is absent on the 3770 (I cannot discern where this came from, perhaps as a piggyback from some installed application)? All Microsoft updates for IE8 are identical on both systems.

    As an experiment, I installed the program NoFlash (by John Jarrett) on the offending 3770 system and when this is set to off (red line thru tray icon) the info bar & message disappears. This was quite unexpected, to say the least.

    So my problem is solved, but I would like to know what is causing this infernal occurrence. I suppose I could reset the IE parms. to default & see if that works, but then I still won't know what's going on here. Anyone have any ideas?

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    I believe this is in the wrong forum. If a Moderator could move it please.
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