I know I talked about this before, and I promise this will be the last time (?).

On three different machines (two laptops, one desktop, and different manufacturers, different hardware obviously, I am having the same problem: that sort of rules out hardware.

If I set up my "colors" to have the "Selected Items" as red background and bright white letters,. it looks fine in the selection, and then, in "real life" it goes to *black* letters on a red background.

I went to Microsoft's site to see if there was any type of support, but it's $99.

The colors were working fine for the longest time, which makes me wonder if an "update" didn't screw things up, but, I have the same problem from a vanilla install.

What the h--- could be doing this, and how the h--- can I fix it I cannot believe that MS would leave a problem like that untended, but where can/do I go for some type of help on this?

Chuck Billow