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    Sorting Issue (2010)

    On one sheet (ProductDetail), users type inventory names in column A, and misc. other information in the various rows.

    On another sheet (Inventory), so that the user doesn't have to type the inventory names again, I reference the other sheet. For example, in Inventory A3 I have: =ProductDetail!A3 and that's filled down.

    The Inventory sheet has calculations in the B and C columns and user-entered data in columns D through Z.

    Now the sorting issue. As new names are added to the ProductDetail sheet (bottom), the user needs to sort both sheets by inventory name. On the ProductDetail sheet, that's easy and there's no issue. However, because (a) the A column in the Inventory sheet comes from the ProductDetail sheet and (b) there are calculations in columns B and C, sorting doesn't fly.

    Am I overlooking something or do I need a macro that'll create a new sheet, paste special the values, sort, and then put them back into the Inventory sheet, delete the temp one, and re-fill the =ProductDetail!A# in the A-column? Phew!

    Hope that's clear enough to get some thoughts.

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    Why not create 1 sheet with all the data. Another option would be to have some unique reference ID for the shared info and lookup (VLOOKUP or MATCH/INDEX combinations) the appropriate items.

    Linking cells will not work if they will be sorted as you probably will be unable to maintain data integrity.


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