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    Viewing BCC on sent email

    I am using MS Outlook (2007 and 2010, on different computers) to access a mailbox hosted by 1&1 using IMAP. Outlook is configured to automatically save sent messages. I'm having several problems related to viewing and resending messages sent with addresses in the BCC field.

    1&1 webmail client:

    All addresses are visible in the BCC field of the message in the Sent folder. REPLY ALL includes BCC addresses in the BCC field of the new message.

    Outlook 2007:

    (1) There doesn't appear to be any way to add the BCC field to the header area when viewing a message.
    (2) After adding the BCC field to the message list view, it is always blank, even for messages send with BCC addresses. The addresses are displayed when viewing the Message Options of a message (from the right click context menu).
    (3) REPLY ALL on a message with BCC addresses does not populate the BCC field in the reply.

    Outlook 2010:

    Same as Outlook 2007, except I have not been able to find Message Options anywhere (right click menu or ribbon). [UPDATE: I found another post which explained how to add Message Options..." to the ribbon. The BCCs are viewable in Message Options, but otherwise Outlook doesn't seem to recognize they are there...]

    My questions:

    Is Message Options available in Outlook 2010, and where? [ANSWERED]

    Does anyone have any ideas how I can include BCC addressees in a reply without manually entering the entire list? I am replying to a copy of the message in the Sent folder, not to a received copy (which obviously wouldn't have the BCC information.)

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JerryE View Post
    Does anyone have any ideas how I can include BCC addressees in a reply without manually entering the entire list?
    I can't think of an answer except for cutting and pasting from somewhere where you have them saved...

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