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    Cannot unsubscribe to individual threads

    When I receive an email notification of a response to a thread I'm subscribed to, two links appear at the foot of the page. The first one is to unsubscribe to that particular notification and the other, to unsubscribe to all threads.

    The first one doesn't work and always produces the same error as shown in the screenshots.

    The first time the link is clicked produces this error:


    If I click the link a second time, the following error appears.


    Here's how the link appears in hotmail:


    Perhaps it might be a good idea to create a button like "Stop Watching Topic" which the user can click in the forum to unsubscribe?

    EDIT: Contrary to what I posted above, I think it does work after all. I've just checked my subscribed threads and the one I unsubscribed to this morning via the link in the email doesn't appear anywhere. I was assuming it hadn't worked because of the errors which appeared as above.
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