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    Lightbulb Anatomy of an online scam

    This is a slideshow of a email exchange between the buyer (the scammer) and the seller using a fake Paypal account to illustrate how not to get conned. I found it quite interesting.

    We don't use Paypal in the Netherlands since everyone can buy or sell online by using the banking system. I don't think anyone uses Craigslist either.

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    Well, here there have been cases of people showing up to buy a car with cash and being robbed.
    Or, on the other hand, people showing up to BUY a car and taking it for a test ride and not coming back.

    Or, the seller going with the potential buyer on the test ride and an accomplice robbing their house when they are gone...

    There is no end to the risks involved dealing with Craigslist.
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    We own a store and we have people always asking to buy in bulk from us because they say they are in Australia or Canada and can’t get merchandise, but wan their company to pick it up and will either pay by CC or pay pal. Well if they are not in the US, they can scam you out of things very easily by either using a valid CC and then disputing the charge, they usually win, or using a stolen card, and they usually win because even if you check their name address and zip code the CC company will not back the merchant up. Pay Pal, well I don’t know, the only experience I had with them, was a guy bought my football tickets from me then after the game tried to dispute the charge, pay pal backed me up. But you have to be careful, us little stores have no one to help us either. Sad very sad world out there.

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