Dear Forum members. I have a large multi-worksheet excel sheet (Excel 2003) that I have received from a cartracker gps service organization that have been tracking one of our hospital vehicles. There are over 700 worksheets (one for each trip) that the vehicle has made over several months. In one column, every few minutes, is a record of the vehicle speed. My aim is to pick out each time the vehicle has travelled over 80km per hour. All the worksheets are plain data at present. I have experimented with adding conditional formatting to at least highlight the times the vehicle goes over 80km/h, but this does not automate finding these occurences nor does it pick out that data and paste it into a new worksheet.

The ultimate solution for me would be to somehow write a formula that would hunt through the relevant column (E as it happens) and copy out that row of data and paste it consecutively into a new worksheet if that row contained a value of 80 or greater.

Is this possible in Excel 2003 or am I being too ambitious?

All help gratefully received. Anything that can help me sift through all these multiple but identically formatted worksheets would be helpful.



Hospital Director - Malawi