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    Subtotal method, breaks= true, fit to 1 page wide. (xl '97 vba)

    With the settings mentioned in the subject line - page breaks do not work. However, if you change the Scaling option "Adjust to: " to what ever the setting was calculated to be - the page breaks WILL work. To solve my problem does anyone know how to calculate that "Adjust to:" property (Zoom)??

    I've tried setting the "Fit To" property (FitToPagesWide) with plenty of extra "Pages Tall" (FitToPagesTall) and then tried to read the Zoom property but all I get is "False"..

    Any ideas out there?

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    Re: Subtotal method, breaks= true, fit to 1 page wide. (xl '97 vba)


    Since you have set the print to be on one page, Excel ignores page breaks. This is the way it works, and you have found out about it.

    Now to adjust the zoom, well this is AFAIK a gray area, the Zoom takes two types of arguments.
    When you use the FitToPagesWide or FitToPagesTall zoom is False and when you use it, its value is what you set it to be.

    There is a way to tell how many page breaks you have, thus the number of pages that would print and then you can set that to match the FitToPagesWide and FitToPagesTall and that would set the zoom.

    This method involves the old XLM language and you can find it on the MSKB. Sorry I don't remember the Q number.

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