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    Outlook Express Address Book and Mail folders to Outlook 2003

    Not even sure if this is the correct forum.
    A friend's PC crashed but we were able to save the hard drive containing all the various app files.
    Friend bought new PC and we installed Outlook 2003 which he had from an MS Office 2003 suite.
    I tried to import the address book and mail folders from the Outlook Express directory existing in the old hard drive but Outlook 2003 import did not recognize files. Requesting message seemed to indicate that I needed to have Express installed.

    Is there any way to accomplish what we want: Avoid having to re-create the address book and salvaging saved e-mails from the Express app.

    Any idea/recommendation/solution gratefully accepted!

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    The Outlook Express address book is contained in a .wab file. The emails are kept in .dbx files. Try searching for .wab and .dbx on the old drive and see if Outlook will import them. I find Everything Search is a better file search engine than Windows Search.


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    I suggest you do some 'homework' on Unicode and Outlook 2003 and 2007 or 2010. I think you are taking Unicode data and trying to go back to the old format, which doesn't recognize the language you are using.

    Edited to add: Sorry, it appears that I'm a version out of whack. Still, review the business of Unicode to be sure you aren't mixing and mismatching.
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    I've imported OE6 to Outlook 2003 before, so I don't think there's a unicode issue. But I think mariod's right--IIRC, Outlook's native import function requires OE6 to be installed, which mariod doesn't want to have to resort to. It won't work if you merely have copies of the OE6 data files.

    I think I tried a few conversion programs I found on the web, but without fully satisfactory results. Maybe someone else knows of a good, third-party conversion utility?

    My eventual solution was to install OE6 and Outlook 2003 in a temporary XP machine, import the saved data files into OE, then Outlook could transfer everything from OE just fine. Finally, I saved the converted data in an Outlook .pst file that I could take from the temporary machine and add to the permanent Outlook installation.

    Mariod didn't say if his friend's new computer is Win7, but if so I don't think installing OE6 is even an option. Even if it were, I can understand his not wanting to sully up a new machine with unwanted software just to do a one-time conversion.

    In my case, I'm a big fan of virtualization and have been using Microsoft Virtual PC for years. The task was handled quickly in a temporary virtual machine, which I could toss after the conversion was finished.

    I'm sorry I don't have a simpler suggestion.

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