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    DropBox vs. SkyDrive?

    I read the latest Office for Mere Mortals, specifically the part "Camera Upload".
    This is just my take on it.

    1: If you are so inclined to use DropBox there is an app for that for the WP7 this is on the Windows Market Place.
    2: I must be missing something here, or I'm just plain stupid. But why would I want to use it (DropBox) Here is why I am asking:

    A: Phone/Photos: Photos taken on my HTC Trophy Windows Phone upload to the Camera Roll in SkyDrive in less time that it took me to open up that SkyDrive folder.
    A1: Photos taken with my Camera are also uploaded to the SkyDrive folder the minute I hit a Wifi location. Or not My choice.
    B: All of my documents that I need are already in SKyDrive. and
    C: New documents are uploaded when I save them to the SkyDrive app. <Ok on this one I have noticed that on occasion OneNote does take some time to sync when I make changes. Could be faster but I'm not complaining.
    D: Beings that SkyDrive is a cloud application, it too is across they system (i.e) laptop, PC, Phone, tablet, etc. etc.

    Did I read it correctly in that while Apple users have a cloud, they need a seperate app "Photo Stream" to upload their photos?

    So please help me out here why would I want DropBox? Really!

    I really am open minded here but like I said I don't get it.

    Thanks John
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    I think you already answered your own question. You don't need it, unless you have/need an app that simply won't work with SkyDrive.

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