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    Question Automatically size insert picture in Word 2003 protected document form

    Hi there --

    I am brand new to this type of forum, and offered to make a form for my work. All was going well with the fields and such, and protecting the document, until I hit a snag in the "insert picture" feature. They want to be able to insert a picture in the protected document and have it come in as a pre-determined size, in other words, most pics will have to shrink to fit the document. I've got to do this for (50) photos (2 per page, so a 25-page document). Here is what I have so far, attached. PictureSample1.doc

    I searched on here and found a template which I downloaded, that allows the user to "double-click to insert picture" while the doc is in it's protected state, and that part is working well. (Not that I can find that thread again now that it's been a few days, otherwise I would have posted in there.) Now I just need it to automatically size them when it does so.

    I don't want to bother with creating section breaks if I can just have a macro that will work instead.

    Here is the macro code for the above that I downloaded, and I was hoping someone could just expand on it where it needs the sizing information:

    Option Explicit
    Sub InsertPic1()
      InsertPic 1
    End Sub
    Sub InsertPic2()
      InsertPic 2
    End Sub
    Sub InsertPic3()
      InsertPic 3
    End Sub
    Sub InsertPic(n As Integer)
      Dim sFileName As String
      Dim ilImage As InlineShape
      Dim rng As Range
      If ActiveDocument.ProtectionType = wdAllowOnlyFormFields Then
      End If
      With Dialogs(wdDialogInsertPicture)
        If .Name <> "" Then
          sFileName = .Name
          Set rng = ActiveDocument.Bookmarks("Pic" & n).Range
          Set ilImage = ActiveDocument.InlineShapes.AddPicture(sFileName, , True, rng)
          With ilImage
            'set any additional properties such as left, top, etc., here
          End With
        End If
      End With
      ActiveDocument.Protect wdAllowOnlyFormFields, True
    End Sub

    Any and all help would be appreciated!! I've been sitting on this for 2 days now, stuck at the same point.

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    If you create a single-cell table of the appropriate size, with fixed column width and row height, any picture you insert into that table will be constrained to fit the available space.

    PS: When posting code, please use the code tags.

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    FYI, code tags look like this [code] your code here [/code]
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