I have one filed called number work days required (d2). It is based on date registered “datestarted” (B2) and date finished “datefinished”(c2) , and takes into account the weekends and holidays. I would like to create a new field that would be called 5 day criteria respected (e2). However, If the project is not completed number days required d2 has a #value!, because c2 is blank.

I would like to create an if formula (5daycriteria) that would give me one of three values: (1) yes, (2) no or (3)?

Where Yes is for a time required was 5 working days or less

No is for a time completion that was greater than 5 days, or is still uncompleted but more than 5 days has elapsed so (now-datestatered > 5 days)

? is presented if un still uncompleted but 5 days or less have elapsed.

I would need an imbedded “if” formula that takes into account the #value! of work days required is undetermined.