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    Word 2010 and font name in ListGalleries

    I've been experimenting with a macro to restart lists, and in viewing the macro I have made a strange discovery.

    ListGalleries(wdOutlineNumberGallery).ListTemplate s(7).ListLevels(5) shows various font names for various levels, and they are NOT the fonts that are selected in settings, nor are they the fonts that actually display in visible text.

    I have double-checked the settings in the Manage Styles dialog:

    I select the underlying multilevel list, click on 'modify', click on every level in 'Apply formatting to:' and check the font that is displayed.

    Next, (still in the multilevel list) I click on Format, select numbering, select each level in turn and click on the 'Font' button.

    Is there some other place where font is set?? Could there be something in 'Themes' (which I don't use)?

    One could argue that since these fonts are not the ones that display I should just ignore what the macro shows me. However, my experience is that Word will snag me with loose ends like this at the worst time...

    One thought I've had is to create a macro that steps through each of these .name instances and zero them out to "", just to be on the safe side.

    I'm grateful for any ideas or suggestions.

    Edit: I've also looked at the .LinkedStyle just to be on the safe side, and the fonts there correspond to what is displayed.
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