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    How to restore a vanished desktop

    Occasionally, perhaps following a period on Stand By, I have had to re-boot to start work again because the desktop has disappeared, leaving a blank background in place of all its icons, Start button, taskbar and system tray.

    I have found a quicker (6-click) way to restore the desktop:

    Open Windows Task Manager (simultaneuously press Ctrl, Alt, and Delete).
    On the Windows Task Manager's menu click File then click New Task (Run...) then Browse then Desktop.
    Now from the display of folders select Control Panel.

    Back to work.

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    It looks to me like you have already found a way to restore your desktop on the occasion when you do loose it.

    Check the event viewer for references to errors around the time between when the computer went into standby and the time you revived it to find no desktop.

    This may point to a potential underlying cause as to why this is taking place.

    Here's another possibility:
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