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    Not a bad article and it has some good points, like this one;
    The one thing that Microsoft must never imitate is Apple’s restrictive policy about software that it does or does not allow to run on its systems.
    Touch pads/tablets I think are what MS wants in on most (some of Apple's market share), in which case who cares if it's as restrictive as Apple. I don't think anyone in their right mind would consider doing any real computing on a tablet no big deal. And the apps that are made for tablets ought to be light weight and secure. The last thing the average user on a tablet wants to worry about is infection and compromise, and that would translates into some serious restriction.

    In order to maintain decent battery life on a tablet, you can't have too much multitasking going on, and you certainly can't have 50 or 60 services running in the backgrownd. You need something far more restrictive in terms of what types of software can or should be run on these systems. By their very nature they should be more restrictive.

    But desktops and higher end laptops are another matter entirely. The last thing I want is a restrictive Apple system.

    Now if I'm not mistaken, Windows 8 will be able to do just about anything Windows 7 can and probably better, and your not restricted to the Metro on a desktop or laptop. Regular applications and Metro applications will be separate, with Metro being more restrictive. I just don't see an issue here where it comes to the above setup.

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    Interesting article with some good points. A major reason the iPad is so successful is the fact that there isn't a lot for a user to change on it. For lots of every day basic tasks, an appliance is perfect. At home I look at my e-mail, read the local paper, and check my Accu-weather app on my B&N Nook Tablet. And those are just a few things I do with it. Where as I used to do those things on my laptop, the Nook is lightweight and is always on. No tablet will replace my laptop though. That said with Windows 8, depending on the hardware architecture, there's a lot of ways to go. And that's something that Apple won't be offering any time soon.

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    With the tens, if not hundreds of millions of PC's in use, most using Windows, MS does want to get into the tablet market, but they know where there bread and butter is coming from for the near, if not foreseeable future. Yes, a number of Windows users will upgrade to new hardware that allows more of the Win 8 features (touch, tablet) to be used, but I do not see a majority of the present users upgrading just for Win 8. MS realizes that they have to appeal to us conventional PC users to make Win 8 a successful OS.

    As others have eluded to, I believe that power users and business users, for the most part, will be on the Desktop UI with occasional forays into the Metro UI. This involves conventional PC's. I suppose some business users that do not need the power or capacity of a conventional PC will add a tablet to their arsenals, but as both Clint and Chuck have said, tablets just do not have the power to do what power users need to do.

    Chuck, I have an original Nook Color, with the updated OS (I believe it's v 1.4) I have added a 16 GB microSD card with the N2A Android Gingerbread OS, so I can choose which OS to boot to when I power up. Presently I do not do much more than read with it because I do have my laptop to use at home. You are right though, it is very lightweight, but it does not have the capacity to do what my laptop can do. I would never think of surfing the web and posting on my Forums with the Nook, even if I could. The keyboards are just absurd for that, as I would think most tablets are.
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