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    Metro Mail features?

    Can anyone expound on Metro Mail's features - what it does and doesn't do compared to previous mail programs? I would be so pleased to hear in detail what the features are - especially regarding how one sends photos and whether you get 1 inbox for all accounts or whether you have to use the clunky multiple inbox + the "all" inbox like WLM has.

    Are users forced to use Sky Drive or some equivalent to send photos to other people? Can you attach a photo to an email by first resizing it using the windows resizer that was available in Outlook Express and Windows Mail?

    Do you have to have multiple inboxes like Windows Live Mail email programs require (I know you can use the "all" inbox and "all drafts" box etc. I have Windows Live Mail 2011 on this computer along with Windows Mail, and have Windows Live Mail 2009 on another computer.

    I did read what Woody had to say about Metro Mail on 5/9/12 in Windows Secrets but I want to know a lot more than what he said about Metrol Mail.

    I don't know what I think about Windows 8 yet -- so far, I have no major objections to it, but I will if Metro Mail doesn't do what I need. I use both a Mac and Windows PCs.

    Thank you all!!

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    First, at this point Metro mail only works with Hotmail, Gmail and MS Exchange. It does not yet work with pop accounts. I just do not use it. I have installed WLM on the Win 8 RP Desktop. Works as expected. I am very pleased with WLM.

    The Metro apps as yet are not complete. Since I cannot connect to my pop account with Metro Mail I have not done much testing on it.
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    Like many have chosen to do, , , like for eons, when MS does not provide what you need, look elsewhere.

    For instance, "Thunderbird" works just great with Win-8, or any other Microsoft OS, for that matter.

    So don't hobble yourself, by thinking that only an MS mail program will do. Eh?

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    Certainly, for now, I recommend use of Windows Live Mail not, the Mail App.


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