Captions and cross-references used to behave quite erratically in Word 97.
There were two main problems. First, for some reason, the document used to
get corrupted (microsoft had an apology for that on its website) and it will
start giving a wierd message asking you to copy the contents of the document
into another file and save it in a new name. But even that would not
necessarily solve the problem. Second annoying problem was that every now
and then when you updated the fields, it will insert page breaks before the
cross-references. And suddenly the whole document would get messed up. It
could be so bad, if you had a long document with a good number of captions
and cross-references, that you would never be able to print the document

Given that microsoft had no solution to these problems and in fact acknowledged them on its website, I actually stopped using Captions and Cross-references.

I want to ask you if Microsoft has been able to solve this problem in Word
2000/XP? I presently use Word 2000 and would love to have trouble-free
captions and cross-referencing features. But are the troublefree as yet?