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    Spontaneous File Link Changes

    This is a new one on me. My users are complaining about formulas linking to external workbooks changing spontaneously. That is, an external link changing the file path to a new nonexistent location. My googling took me to and ultimately to The problem appears (if I'm reading the Knowledge Base article correctly) when the users access the files through a mixture of UNC paths and mapped drives. Arrgh! Well of course this is going to happen in our scenario, since we have multiple users accessing these files and not all users are set up the same. Questions? Have you seen this problem? Does the hotfix described here actually solve the problem?
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    We are experiencing this problem with virtualised servers and excel 2010 files.
    Link formulas cells return #REF! and on other occassions return maybe a 0 instead.
    I cannot repeat the error on demand but using the replace option of replacing "=" with "=" refreshes the link and hopefully returns the correct value.
    In financial terms this is priority 1 serious with incorrect sums already having been reported to powers that be.

    Need a fix asap so it's all hands on deck till it's fixed.

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